5th Grade


Moses Brown was one of the leading abolitionists of colonial America, and in establishing the school that now bears his name, he insisted that it be open to students of all affiliations.

Moses Brown teaches children to celebrate the differences between people.  This stems from the Quaker belief that every person has a divine Inner Light, and thus is equally deserving of love and respect.

As leaders of the lower school, much of the fifth graders’ curriculum emphasizes issues of leadership, political power dynamics, and questions of social justice.  They examine the ways that race has inflected the lives of all Americans, and whether studying child labor or the civil rights movement, these almost-middle-schoolers are asked to consider–and take responsibility for–their role as ethical leaders in our community.

Third, fourth, and fifth graders also participate in cross-grade diversity workshops with discussions and activities about identity and equity.  They read texts like What do Derek Jeter and Beyoncé Have in Common?, which explores the human construct of race and its implications for daily life, particularly for multiracial families.  A workshop titled ‘Let’s Have a Party,’ divides the group based on wealth distribution in the US and uses these demographic statistics to distribute food and materials for a classroom ‘party.’ Abstract statistics suddenly become palpably real.

These lessons are woven throughout the year, building the values and skills that students will need to succeed in an increasingly global and interconnected world, and creating an educational environment that is just and affirming for every child.


All School Concert

Celebrating Black History and Culture

The performing arts department presented a celebration of Black history and culture which combined the talents of students and faculty members from across our school, including a combined chorus, string orchestra, and wind ensemble that in total included more than 150 musicians on stage at the same time.


Simone Ahlborn

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