5th Grade


In Moses Brown’s lower school library, fifth graders seek out reading materials for pleasure and research.  The library staff helps them find the resources they need for research projects, and teaches them how to evaluate those resources.

Students use the Newbery Award online catalogue to find independent reading books, learn about the parts and functions of a computer server and its operating system, and agree to Moses Brown’s Ethical Use Policy for access to the internet.

With a focus on online research resources, proper citation, and bibliographic formats, students learn how to present their scholarly research and properly identify their sources.  They learn to use multimedia tools to create compelling presentations, and to use web-based tools for individual and collaborative publishing projects.

Our lower school librarian presents a wide variety of authors and genres, including folk tales, riddles, nonfiction, and poetry.  In the spring, visiting authors come to class to talk about the process of writing, illustrating, and publishing books, giving children firsthand experience with writing role models.



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