5th Grade


In addition to reading, writing and arithmetic, today’s fifth graders need to learn how to create digital products, not just consume them.  Coding introduces kids to the process of computational thinking, in which students break a problem down and express a solution in steps that a computer can understand.

As these children grow, the ability to code will become as critical a part of their success as reading and arithmetic were to ours (and our parents).  No matter what field they choose, computers will be part of their work and daily life, and they will find themselves more capable and independent if they understand how computers work.

With MacBook Pro laptops, iPads, Google Drive, and G Suite for Education, fifth graders have a robust suite of hardware and software to help them with regular coding assignments.  They learn about the internet and how to navigate it safely and responsibly, establishing the basics of good digital citizenship.  They also participate in The Hour of Code, a global movement that gets kids coding and collaborating, nurturing their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and team sense.

Fifth graders at Moses Brown code apps for the iPad, and explore robotics using WeDo construction set from LEGO Education to build and program moving models with motors and sensors.  Working in teams, each child takes responsibility for designing (and re-designing) part of a model and giving and receiving feedback to teammates to create the strongest possible final product.  In addition to class work, they have access to Moses Brown’s 5,000-square-foot Y-lab, a maker space open to everyone in the Moses Brown community that serves as a home for tinkerers, inventors, and entrepreneurs of any age.


Making music on iPads

Creating and sharing

Using GarageBand on iPads, 5th grade students created musical compositions based around a theme and gathered them together in EP collections which they shared with peers in music class.


David Husted ’86

Director of Innovation and Design

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David Husted ’86

Roger Williams University – B.S.
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