5th Grade

World Languages

Fifth graders study Spanish for 45 minutes twice a week, and for 30 minutes one additional period per week (in half groups).  We use humor and commit to using the most frequently-occurring words in the Spanish language to improve students’ comprehension and fluency.

Students use a variety of websites to build vocabulary and communication skills through weekly homework practice sessions. This establishes a mastery of the foundational vocabulary used in middle school, providing children who choose to continue with Spanish a head start.

Concurrent with their Social Studies unit on civil rights and nonviolent conflict resolution, they also study the life of Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers movement.  Additionally, they play word games and learn about various cultural celebrations in the Spanish speaking world, as well as about the customs of daily living. In the spring, they enjoy a celebration that includes preparing and sharing “agua fresca de sandía” with their classmates.



Simone Ahlborn

Lower School Spanish


Simone Ahlborn

Universidad de Barcelona
Brown University – A.B.
Georgetown University and California State University – M.A.

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