1st Grade

History/Social Studies

The purpose of social studies is to help students understand themselves and their place in the world.

The first grade curriculum encourages inquiry, critical thinking, and the simultaneous development of one’s own viewpoint and ability to work with others.  We use two year-long units to frame our work.

In our study of community, children explore their own identities, then branch out to their families, the school community, our neighborhood, and beyond.  Along the way, we see how people must come together to meet the needs of communities.  We learn to read and draw maps, and explore the basics of how our state government works.

In our Farm To Table unit, we explore where our food comes from.  Children learn about the work involved in planting, growing, and harvesting food, and the process involved in stocking our grocery stores and restaurants. Through visits to local farms and businesses–and our own class garden–the children gain a greater awareness of the “roots” of our food industry.



Kendall Greene

Lower School First Grade

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Kendall Greene

Connecticut College – B.A.
Lesley University – M.Ed.
Universite Paris III, Sorbonne Nouvelle

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