4th Grade

World Languages

Fourth graders study Spanish in half groups for 45 minutes twice a week.  They use a visual curriculum that allows them to speak entirely in full sentences from the beginning of the year as they “read” strings of pictographs that they have learned as vocabulary items. These are kept in a picture dictionary binder for reference throughout the year. They use a variety of websites to build vocabulary and communication skills through weekly homework practice sessions.

Students play word games and learn about various cultural celebrations in the Spanish-speaking world and the customs of daily living.

In concert with the Immigration Unit in Social Studies, children read a number of picture book biographies of immigrants, and learn the stories of Latin American authors who immigrated to the U.S. as children.



Simone Ahlborn

Lower School Spanish


Simone Ahlborn

Universidad de Barcelona
Brown University – A.B.
Georgetown University and California State University – M.A.

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