Language Arts

Kindergarteners at Moses Brown use the highly-regarded Fundations curriculum as they progress from phonemic awareness to sight words to reading fluency.  With daily assessments, we make sure that children are always at a ‘just right’ level of challenge.  As children achieve each new goal, their confidence in their abilities and resilience grows.

At the same time, we guide them through multi-sensory projects that make letters feel like second nature. With practice, children move from imitation and copying into independent writing.  Students write and draw in their journals every week, providing a delightful (and funny) chronicle of the year at school and at home.


Tools for early readers

Teacher develops book series to help early readers

Kindergarten teacher Melinda Van Lare has developed a series of books to aid early readers. She uses the books as part of fun, interactive reading exercises. Melinda recently presented her project at a conference held at Wheaton College.


Samantha Bradshaw ’85

Lower School Literacy Coordinator

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Samantha Bradshaw ’85

University of Vermont – B.A.
University of Rhode Island – M.A.

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