At Moses Brown, Kindergarten focuses on teaching mathematical thinking–the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that students need to tackle a problem at any level.  Whether learning to count by two’s or solve a differential equation, the same approach applies.  We want kids to internalize this approach so they always have the confidence to keep trying when others might have given up.

In Kindergarten, we proceed incrementally from the numeric foundations laid in Pre-primary.  Counting moves quickly to counting backwards, and ‘skip counting’ by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, laying the groundwork for multiplication in later grades.

Additionally, units on pattern recognition and prediction, graphing, shapes, and surveys expose children to a wide menu of kinds of math, ensuring that there is a way into this topic for children of every inclination.

Of course, arithmetic is the foundation of all work in mathematics.  In Kindergarten we have ‘morning math’ at the start of every day, giving kids daily independent practice thinking mathematically before class has even gathered to begin the day.



Susan Pirruccello-McClellan

Lower School Mathematics Coordinator

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Susan Pirruccello-McClellan

Skidmore College – B.A.
Shorter College – Teaching Certificate

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