Physical Education

People have known for millennia that a healthy body makes a healthy mind, and academic research has made this link clearer.  Exercise dramatically boosts cognitive ability, attentional control, and executive functions.

In Kindergarten, kids just know is that school is really fun.

Every day, children get to burn off extra energy at recess, allowing their minds to relax as they run around and play on one of Moses Brown’s two playgrounds.  In addition to the exercise, kids practice social skills and self-governance as they make up games, adjust the rules, and work through differences.

In PE class, they play with foam balls, parachutes, hoops, bean bags, and scooters as they practice attending to (and following) multi-step directions and games that require them both to compete and  cooperate.  This is one of the many ways throughout the day that we reinforce the importance of Quaker values of mutual respect and always giving one’s best.


Dance Demonstration

Winter Dance program performance highlights

For the dance program, lower school has collaborated with the Island Moving Company for 25 years. It takes place over four weeks during P.E. classes in kindergarten through 2nd grade.


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