History/Social Studies

Social studies in Kindergarten begins with the society we create collaboratively in the classroom.  The first weeks of the year are spent getting to know one another and building respect for ourselves, one another, and the teachers at school.  Very quickly, children feel that this is their classroom, a safe place to learn and grow and be oneself.

This collaborative approach is an example of Moses Brown’s Quaker values in action–community, integrity, equality are essential to having a just society, and children (like grownups) naturally respect the rule of law when they helped create it.

With this as a foundation, we use Responsive Classroom methods as a teaching model, based on the extensive research demonstrating the strong link between social/emotional development and academic success.

Throughout the year, we learn about important figures in history and how they relate to the values of our school.  Ultimately, children leave Kindergarten at Moses Brown seeing themselves and their classmates as responsible and resourceful decision makers.



Melinda Van Lare

Lower School Kindergarten

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Melinda Van Lare

New York University – B.A.
Rhode Island College – B.A.
Rhode Island College – M.Ed.

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