Today’s Kindergartners are in an era of unprecedented technological growth.  To prepare them to be active, rather than passive, citizens of their digital environments, we get them started early with an understanding of how computer code functions, and the confidence to try it themselves.

With weekly classes with Moses Brown’s lower school STEM specialist, Kindergarten students learn about sequential instructions (coding).

In our 5,000-square-foot Y-Lab, Kindergarteners get to try, build, and make a mess with their own technological experiments, and see older friends and siblings at work on their projects, modeling the way forward into advanced coding, fabrication, and robotics.  This cross-divisional exposure is critical to helping young children develop a sense that they, too, can do big things.


MB Makers

Welcome to the Y-Lab!

Meet MB’s Director of Innovation & Design David Husted, and take a tour of our new Y-Lab maker space!


Erika McEnery

Lower School Technology


Erika McEnery

University of Vermont – B.S.
Lesley University – M.Ed.

David Husted ’86

Director of Innovation and Design


David Husted ’86

Roger Williams University – B.S.
Harvard Graduate School of Education – Ed.M.

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