Discovering new worlds is at the heart of education.  In Kindergarten, there are worlds to discover right here on Moses Brown’s 33-acre campus: an all-school theater, a multitude of playing fields, wooded groves, middle and upper schools, and, of course, playgrounds.

Additionally, by bringing in frequent visitors to class and collaborating with older students, Kindergarteners know there’s a lot more to the world than what they can see here on the East Side of Providence.

With on-campus ‘field trips’ as a way of getting comfortable traveling with the class, we also take students to places like:

-Capron Park Zoo
-the Providence Children’s Museum
-the Biomes marine education center
-a working farm

As part of these trips, children learn about planning and how to safely enjoy a visit to an unfamiliar place.  These trips are always a highlight of the year.

Click here to see all 2018-2019 TRIPs.



Gara Field

Interim Head of Upper School/Dir. of Global Education

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Gara Field

University of Hartford – B.A.
University of Hartford – M.A.
Harvard University – M.Ed.
University of Connecticut – Ph.D.

Melinda Van Lare

Lower School Kindergarten

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Melinda Van Lare

New York University – B.A.
Rhode Island College – B.A.
Rhode Island College – M.Ed.

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