Middle House

The original edifice of Moses Brown School is Middle House, and it was here that Moses met with students and faculty, overseeing the construction and early operations of the school that bears his name.  He managed the school’s finances, and was a regular presence on campus, delighting in the energy and enthusiasm of the school community he created.

The legacy of Moses and the history of this school permeate the walls of middle house.  Some of the floors creak with age, and you can see Moses’s 18th century Bible and walking stick in the office of the Director of Admissions.

In addition to administrative offices, Middle House is home to classes in all three divisions and the primary cafeteria.  One of the joys of the Moses Brown community is seeing lower, middle, and upper school students pass one another in the hallway, calling out greetings to friends of different ages and building a shared sense of community that transcends grades.