In visual arts, Nursery students explore a range of materials, learning what they look, smell, and feel like, and how they behave.  Whether drawing and painting with markers, oil pastels, watercolor crayons, or wax crayons, or smooshing their little fingers into play dough and clay, this is a year of experimentation.  In addition to gaining tremendous fine motor development, students also share narratives about their creations and learn to capture meaning in two and three dimensions.

In music, Nursery students learn the fundamentals of pitch, rhythm, and meter as we sing (and write!) fun songs together.  Whether supplying imaginary ingredients for the stew song or finding ways to represent abstract concepts like ‘smooth,’ ‘rough,’ ‘heavy,’ or ‘light’ through the movement of our bodies, Nursery students have time each week to develop their abilities in music, theater, and dance.



Chris Hoyt

Production Manager, Woodman Center


Chris Hoyt

Greensboro College – B.A.
Brooklyn College – M.F.A.

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