Physical Education

While people have known for millennia that a healthy body makes a healthy mind, extensive research has made this link explicit.  Exercise dramatically boosts cognitive ability, attentional control, and executive functions.

In Nursery, all the kids know is that school is really fun.

We break up instructional segments with frequent motor breaks–playing Simon Says, Follow the Beat, or doing yoga poses–so every kid stays engaged throughout the day.  Exercise delivers an emotional lift as well, so kids feel good about learning.  This emotional linking is one of the many ways we teach kids to love learning, developing academic habits that will stay with them for a lifetime.


In addition to these play periods built into the academic day, we visit the Waughtel-Howe Field House three times a week for 30 minutes of fun (and gross motor development) with parachutes, rings, cones, and other toys.

And of course, we have recess every day, allowing Nursery students to play with one another as well as slightly older students from the Pre-primary class.  Recess is an essential part of a child’s day, where they process what they’ve learned, burn off extra energy, and practice social skills.


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