Moses Brown was one of the leading abolitionists of colonial America, and in establishing the school that now bears his name, he insisted that it be open to students of all affiliations.

Moses Brown teaches children to celebrate the differences between people.  This stems from the Quaker belief that every person has a divine Inner Light, and thus is equally deserving of love and respect.

In the ‘All About Me’ unit, children are invited to celebrate everything that makes them special–their eyes, their hair, their skin, their family and culture.  Book selections also emphasize heroes and leaders of all kinds to provide diverse role models.

Some of the books children read include:

I Like Myself, by Karen Beaumont

The Skin You Live In, by Michael Tyler

I Love My Hair, by Natasha Tarpley

The Family Book, by Todd Parr

And Tango Makes Three, by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson

Last Stop on Market Street, by Matt de la Pena

One Family, by George Shannon

My Nose, Your Nose, by Melanie Walsh

Families, by Shelley Rotner and Sheila Kel

Nursery students also collaborate with pre-primary and kindergarten several times throughout the year for special diversity projects, giving students of different ages a chance to learn from and teach one another.



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