Ethical Leadership

Young kids are learning the basics of right and wrong every day, and sometimes their black-and-white view of the world can be a real advantage.  Sometimes moral questions are simple.  And sometimes they’re not.  Moses Brown uses Quaker values as a guide to keep the easy questions clear, and as a way to find one’s way when things get murky.

The social-emotional learning (SEL) program in Nursery uses puppets, visual aids, and catchy songs to help children manage emotions, build friendships, and resolve differences, laying the foundations of empathy and responsibility that build ethical leaders.

With a simple and consistent ‘red light / green light’ framework, we teach children to stop, think, and make the best choice in the moment.



Chad Putka

Lower School Music, Ethical Leadership Tri-Clerk

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Chad Putka

Oberlin College – B.A.
Boston University – M.M.

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