Expert Thinking

Expert Thinking is the habit of knowing how to address a problem you’ve never seen before with whatever body of knowledge you possess.  While young children are just beginning to amass knowledge, we want them to feel confident improvising, experimenting, and collaborating with others to tackle something new.

At the start of every year, we invite our Nursery students to participate in self-governance.  With guiding questions from their teachers, they devise the rules (or ‘agreements’) by which class is to run.  This not only teaches them to think through the kinds of behaviors they find appropriate, it also tells them from the start of their school career that they have agency.  They have a voice and a viewpoint, and the right to be heard and respected.


What is Expert Thinking, anyway?

PBL and Expert Thinking in action

We’ll explore Expert Thinking in this video, and observe the use of project-based learning in Moses Brown classrooms!


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