Global Awareness

In Nursery, every child gets their very own passport.  As different members of the Moses Brown community stop by to teach children to count to five in a different language, they add flags to those passports, keeping track of the ‘places’ they’ve been.

In a unit on space, children learn about the planet we live on and how to take care of it so that it’s a nice place to live.

And in a study of community, they use costumes in a Dramatic Play area and ask thought-provoking questions about the various people in our world: What would happen if there was no one to build roads?  What would life be like without doctors?  Bus drivers?  Airplane pilots?  Florists?



Gara Field

Interim Head of Upper School/Dir. of Global Education

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Gara Field

University of Hartford – B.A.
University of Hartford – M.A.
Harvard University – M.Ed.
University of Connecticut – Ph.D.

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