Patterning, predicting, and playing with numbers on our 10-frames–math is part of the way kids play and explore every day in Nursery.  Whether discussing the number and pattern of the seasons or days of the week, celebrating birthdays, counting the spots on a ladybug, or simply learning to sort and categorize objects, mathematical thinking is an integral part of Nursery at Moses Brown.

They might not realize it, but Nursery students are learning about algebraic variables with Math Bag, which is filled with…what?  The mystery mounts as children feel the bag, shake it, listen to the sounds it makes.  They try to guess what objects might be in there, how many there are, and what they’re made of.  We ask them to show their work by explaining their guesses–why do they think it’s hard?  How do they know there are three in there?

No matter what their strengths and challenges, students in Nursery grow by leaps and bounds in their ability to understand, interpret, and explain mathematical concepts.



Susan Pirruccello-McClellan

Lower School Mathematics Coordinator

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Susan Pirruccello-McClellan

Skidmore College – B.A.
Shorter College – Teaching Certificate

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