Quaker Education

At the root of Quakerism is the idea that every person has a divine Inner Light and is equally deserving of love and respect.  We teach children to ask questions, to reason through answers, and to expect the very best from themselves, their classmates, and their teachers.

Nursery students join the rest of lower school for weekly Meeting for Worship, learning to calm their minds and bodies for an age-appropriate period of silent reflection.  At several all-school Meetings for Worship, they demonstrate that they can be as still and silent as the ‘big kids’ (and sometimes even more so).

In Nursery, we study the many ways families use light to celebrate, the ways religions use it in worship, and the ways that cultures around the world use light in acts of honor and remembrance.  Children also receive their first-ever ‘homework’ assignment: observe and explain how (and if) their family uses light over the winter break, and what family traditions are important to them.



Jen McFadden

Director of Friends Education, US Humanities


Jen McFadden

Georgetown University – Ph.D
Georgetown University – MS
Colorado College – B.A.

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