Nursery children are full of joyful curiosity about everything from dinosaurs to water, making science class a natural favorite.  Tapping this curiosity, we dive into explorations of anatomy (hands and feet of people and animals), the solar system, birds, weather, and light.

In each unit, students practice making observations, sorting and grouping data, understanding cause and effect, and making predictions (and measuring the outcomes!).

A highlight of the year is the Ladybug Parade, when Nursery students metamorphose into ladybugs and pollinate flowers made by our fourth grade friends.

At every step, we encourage children to think of themselves as scientists, asking good questions about the world, and pursuing answers with sound process and objective data.



Elizabeth Grumbach

Lower School Science


Elizabeth Grumbach

Bowdoin College – B.A.
Columbia Unversity’s Teacher’s College – M.Ed.

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