Moses Brown was one of the leading abolitionists of colonial America, and in establishing the school that now bears his name, he insisted that it be open to students of all affiliations.

Moses Brown teaches children to celebrate the differences between people.  This stems from the Quaker belief that every person has a divine Inner Light, and thus is equally deserving of love and respect.

The Pre-primary teachers explicitly nurture an atmosphere of appreciation for each child in the classroom as a unique and valued member of the community.  In Pre-Primary, every child creates a family collage that stays up in the class all year, and gets a special day to tell their class all about their family, home, culture, and traditions.  Students also fill an ‘All About Me’ box during the course of the year, which serves as a recurring opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the things that make us each unique.

In stories, songs, and plays, children learn to appreciate difference and share what they’ve learned with their parents in some particularly adorable theater presentations in the Pre-primary classroom.

To deepen their understanding, students collaborate with Nursery and Kindergarten several times throughout the year for special diversity workshops, giving students of different ages a chance to learn from and teach one another.

These lessons and activities are woven throughout the year, building the values and skills that students will need to succeed in an increasingly global and interconnected world, and to create an educational environment that is just and affirming for every child.



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