Ethical Leadership

Young kids are learning the basics of right and wrong every day.  Sometimes moral questions are simple.  Sometimes they’re not.  Moses Brown uses Quaker values as a guide to keep the easy questions clear, and as a way to find one’s way when things get murky.

Put simply, Quakers believe that every person has a divine Inner Light, and that no one has a unique claim on the Truth.  As such, everyone deserves love and respect, and bears responsibility for making the kind of community we all want to live in.

With an emphasis on social-emotional learning, students are taught to be ‘bucket fillers’ rather than ‘bucket dippers,’ enhancing (rather than detracting from) their classmates’ daily experience.  Additionally, Pre-primary students share recess with Nursery, when they are charged with being good leaders and caretakers for younger students.  Dr. Seuss’s Sneetches sparks a discussion of the importance of inclusion and kindness, and provides an opportunity for children to identify ‘bucket fillers’ and ‘bucket dippers’ in literature.



Chad Putka

Lower School Music, Ethical Leadership Tri-Clerk

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Chad Putka

Oberlin College – B.A.
Boston University – M.M.

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