The main focus of Pre-primary is showing children that they can do anything, building their confidence, capability, and enjoyment in learning.

Pre-primary features an integrated curriculum in which students learn and practice multiple disciplines in blended units.  For example, when talking about trees they measure, count, learn new vocabulary, and do fine motor work.

However, there are also times dedicated to specific skill areas including literacy and numeracy.  Twice a week, children enjoy personalized ‘work trays’ that support and challenge each child’s particular abilities in letter recognition, fine motor control, and mathematics.

Throughout the day, children use mathematical language in other lessons with concepts like ‘greater than,’ ‘less than,’ ‘equal to,’ and work to recognize patterns and name shapes.  After mastering numerals in sequence, they learn them out of sequence, and use a ‘ten frame’ to understand how base-ten numbers are built.



Susan Pirruccello-McClellan

Lower School Mathematics Coordinator

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Susan Pirruccello-McClellan

Skidmore College – B.A.
Shorter College – Teaching Certificate

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