2nd Grade

Physical Education

People have known for millennia that a healthy body makes a healthy mind, and academic research has made this link clearer.  Exercise dramatically boosts cognitive ability, attentional control, and executive functions.

Physical Education for second graders continues their development in following multi-step directions, building social skills, and learning to balance individual achievement with support of one’s team.  Games for second graders feature more complex rule sets, and students are charged with the responsibility to watch out for their own and others’ safety.

Jai Alai scoops build hand-eye coordination and quick-twitch reactions, while jump ropes encourage cardiovascular fitness.  And when kids strap in to challenge the climbing wall in Moses Brown’s Field House, it’s always a moment of initial apprehension followed by triumph.


P.E. Demonstration

Learning to dance with the Island Moving Company

For its dance program, lower school has collaborated with the Island Moving Company for 23 years. It takes place over four weeks during P.E. classes in kindergarten through 3rd grade.


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