3rd Grade


In Moses Brown’s lower school library, third graders are coached in seeking out reading materials for pleasure and research.  As they tackle multi-part investigations, the library staff helps them find the resources they need, and teaches them how to evaluate those resources.

Whether looking up information about whaling, or the meeting of the Pilgrims and Wampanoag at Plimoth, students are taught search strategies using the breadth of physical and digital resources available through Moses Brown’s library system.  As part of the National Parks unit, the lower school librarian helps the children film and edit their green-screen presentations as mini park rangers.

Our lower school librarian presents a wide variety of authors and genres, including folk tales, riddles, nonfiction, and poetry.  In the spring, visiting authors come to class to talk about the process of writing, illustrating, and publishing books, giving children firsthand experience with writing role models.



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