3rd Grade

Physical Education

People have known for millennia that a healthy body makes a healthy mind, and academic research has made this link clearer.  Exercise dramatically boosts cognitive ability, attentional control, and executive functions.

Physical Education for third graders continues their development in following multi-step directions, building social skills, and learning to balance individual achievement with support of one’s team.  Games for third graders stress teamwork and introduce competitive games with an emphasis on sportsmanship.

The students work with partners in activities involving scoops, ogo discs, and fox tails. There are also large group activities which make up their fitness games such as Field House Tag and Elbow Tag.  The overall Physical Education/Wellness experience in the third grade continues to focus on social and physical wellness, rather than sports per se.


P.E. Demonstration

Learning to dance with the Island Moving Company

The project culminates each year with a dance presentation. See glimpses of the performance and learn more about what students learn in this video.


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