Woodman Family Community & Performing Arts Center

Opened in December 2016, the Woodman Family Community & Performing Arts Center is a facility like no other in New England.  With a completely-reconfigurable main hall, it can turn from a 500-seat theater to an empty box, or anything in between.

The theatrical facilities are state-of-the-art, with dedicated scene and costume shops, a closed-circuit-equipped green room, makeup suite, professional-grade sound and lighting, full blackout shades, and a cinema-quality 10,000-watt digital projector.  

The main lobby is home to the Class of 2014 café, which offers coffee, snacks, drinks, and healthy pret-à-manger options from early morning to evening.  Whether students need a small pick-me-up or a light meal while studying after school, the café has them covered.

Additionally, the Woodman Center has two floors of gallery space and a variety of seating options suitable for studying, lounging, or just relaxing with friends.