Substitute teacher uses her artistry to document a unique school year

With masks covering everyone’s faces, Upper School substitute teacher and all-around helper Becky Wagner found a unique way to connect with students, faculty and staff. A lifelong artist, Becky began drawing pictures of the people and places at Moses Brown. From portraits to simple moments to favorite footwear, Becky’s drawings captured everyday life at MB during COVID and helped strengthen bonds with new-found friends, colleagues and students.

Becky shares, “I was grateful for the opportunity to observe students as they coped with the challenges of ‘the year of COVID.’ I began drawing the masked students as they focused on their computers during pre-calculus class. Fascinated by the graphs and symbols, I attempted (with varying degrees of success!) to solve some of the calculus problems on paper. I glued these pages to my drawings of the students. I hope that I have captured the spirit of this unusual year.”

Besides being an artist, Becky has taken on many challenges, including co-owner of the beloved Olga’s Cup & Saucer for many years.