To Market, To Market

The upper school Social Entrepreneurship class tackled real-world business challenges this past spring, including one from Erika Lamb, founder of Seconds First, a producer of frozen fish cakes made from ‘imperfect’ produce and ‘under-appreciated’ Rhode Island fish. Students were presented with the question of how Erika could expand her current institutional customer base to a wider retail market. They spent weeks researching how suppliers enter markets; studying competing products, prices, and advertising; and contacting local retailers. Each team presented their findings to Erika and suggested her next course of action. She was thrilled with their work and plans to implement many of their ideas.

Faris A R. ’18 was excited to help Erika get her product in the public eye. “The biggest struggle was that her product doesn’t sell itself,” he says. “When talking about what you’re craving for dinner, I’m willing to bet that most people wouldn’t exactly be craving a fish cake (not to say that they weren’t delicious, because they were). However, our taste tests and surveys showed us two things: One, people love supporting socially conscious businesses, and two, people like eating fish cakes!” Students had to think outside the box to figure out how to get word out and came up with several creative solutions to help Erika reach consumers. “We want to see Erika make herself known and loved in the community as the nice, passionate lady who makes gluten-, egg- and dairy-free fish cakes that not only taste amazing, but support so many great causes!”