Celebrating Matt Glendinning & Our New Lower School

The MB community turned out after school on Friday, May 20 to celebrate Head of School Matt Glendinning and the completion of the Lower School Expansion & Renovation. Thank you to everyone who came, from near and far!

The entire community gathered together to commemorate the final piece of MB Believes, the campaign for learning, people, and place that defined Matt’s tenure. The relaxed after-school program included fun and games on the Back Circle, followed by a fun celebration of Matt, complete with key props from his MB tenure, from his famous striped scarf to pumpkin-carving supplies, and many of his favorite snacks and drinks, from Fritos and Whoopie Pies to Lattes!





Seniors Kennedy J. and Zane Z. narrated the night’s program and were the ideal students to do so, having started at Moses Brown on the same day as Matt when they arrived at MB for kindergarten. Some alumni even dialed in from across the country, sending well wishes to Matt from afar.

Co-clerk of the Board Jane Ritson-Parsons P ’17 ’21 had a very special announcement to make on behalf of the Board of Trustees, one that left Matt both surprised and touched to hear. In recognition of Matt’s transformational tenure as Head of School, the Board has decided to honor the legacy of excellence, of Arete, that Matt leaves behind at Moses Brown. Jane said, “I am delighted to share that the main hall of the Woodman Center – from this day forward – will be known as Glendinning Hall.”



Families, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends were also able to take their first tour of our new Lower School building, a highlight of the evening.






Matt’s legacy will truly be one of transformation!  Thank you, Matt, for all you’ve done for MB. We wish you and Katherine all the best in your move to New Haven.


Click below to watch the speaking program from the event now!