TRIPs: Summer 2023 Offers MB Students Amazing Immersive Travel Experiences

“This trip was the best experience of my life and will surely remain that way for decades” -Charlotte Logel ‘23

A goal of Moses Brown’s TRIPs program (Travel, Research & Immersion Programs) is to bring the world to our classrooms and our classrooms to the world. Never has this been more true than the summer 2023, which presented a robust slate of travel possibilities, some international, to a wide-range of students.

MB TRIPs are designed to build self-reliance, provide opportunities to apply lessons in science to hands-on fieldwork, help students learn through engaged scholarship and to build shared passion for global citizenship.

June 18 – 22

Sixteen rising 6th graders traveled to Vermont for a 5-day adventure with MB faculty and alumni from the classes of 2022 and ’23. They went on hikes, played games, did some climbing and other fun outdoor activities at Okemo Mountain Resort, and did lots of bonding along the way.

New York City Theatre
June 20 – 23

A middle school group had a fabulous time visiting the Big Apple for the New York Theatre trip. The group stayed in Times Square as their home base and were able to watch four musicals, which included the amazing opportunity to interact with Broadway actors for a talkback session. Additionally, they visited two museums (the 9/11 Museum and Guggenheim), enjoyed the Chelsea Market, a food and retail marketplace in the heart of the Meatpacking District, and spent time at Little Island, a new public park located in Hudson River Park.

June 16 – July 3

Fifteen upper school students and three faculty chaperones took part in the Kenya Service and Safari trip, as a way to immerse themselves in the culture, people, and wildlife of Kenya.

While there, each student was paired with a student from Father Simon secondary school. Through this buddy system, they had the opportunity to visit the homes of the students, meet their families, and get a sense of what their daily routines are like.

As a collective, they took on a community development project which involved renovating two classrooms. They also did tree plantings at the school as they considered solutions for deforestation and climate change.

It wasn’t all hard work of course. They went on safari, played games, had an overnight visit to Lake Victoria where they swam and learned a local dance, visited a local primary school, and much more!

June 23 – July 3

Upper Schoolers had the great fortune to travel to Italy for a trip that gave them the opportunity to learn about the country’s rich history and culture, amazing architecture and art, and remarkable cuisine. In some cases the learning was very hands-on, such as a visit to a ceramics lab where they created their own art, and a visit to Portico Academy in Bologna during which they learned how to make authentic tortellini, tortelloni, and garganelli.

June 23 – July 2

For this adventure in Spain, Upper School students spent time in Seville and visited different parts of Granada and Cordoba. They had a fantastic time exploring architecture, sampling and making Spanish foods, learning more about Spanish culture and history, and seeing beautiful natural spaces where they hiked and did some swimming!

White Mountains
July 5 – 7

Some of MB’s rising 5th graders took on the White Mountains in New Hampshire this summer through an Appalachian Mountain Club adventure as part of the TRIPs program. This was a very hike-oriented excursion and as you’ll see from the photos, they were able to do a lot of exploring of the trails with the help of their guides and chaperones.

Yellowstone National Park
Two groups: July 13 – 21 & July 15 – 23

Moses Brown was fortunate to be able to send two groups to Yellowstone National Park this summer, one group of 8th and 9th graders, and another 6th, 7th, and 8th. The trips were organized in partnership with Ecology Project International and structured around three primary activities: surveying wildlife, exploring Yellowstone’s unique ecosystem, and rafting the Yellowstone River. The students also took on small research projects and presented these at the end of their trip. All together, this Yellowstone adventure provided a great opportunity for them to build understanding around conservation, biology, wildlands management, and the scientific process.

“Yellowstone wasn’t like any other school trip that I’ve experienced. I saw so many things that I’ve never seen before and met people that were so knowledgeable and caring,” said Sierra S. ‘27. “The things that I remember most are the laughter, team-building activities, and the indescribable night sky (full of more stars than you can count). Getting to be so close to animals like bison, elk, and pronghorn is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Galápagos Islands
July 13 – 23

Students and trip leaders traveled to Ecuador to explore its capital, Quito, and the Galápagos Islands which is a province of Ecuador. The trip started with a tour of Quito and the surrounding communities of mainland Ecuador where they visited a local Indigenous family in the town of Peguche, who introduced them to weaving, culinary, and music traditions. The visit was highlighted by a traditional lunch with typical ingredients and products of the Ecuadorian highlands. After a visit to the equator (where they learned about the history and mathematical calculations behind the discovery of the equator) and to Otavalo Market, they made their way to the Galápagos Islands.

Over the next seven days, the group sailed amongst the archipelago, visiting eight different islands (Baltra, Santa Cruz, Genovesa, South Plaza, Santa Fe, Floreana, Espanola, San Cristobal). They were led by the naturalist Lulu Pesantes, who works with the Galápagos National Park Service. Lulu took the group on explorations of the islands (both on land and in the water), teaching them the unique natural history, culture, and biology of the islands. The group saw over 60 different animals, some of which can only be seen on the islands themselves.

The group also visited the Charles Darwin Research Station, where they got a tour of the giant tortoise breeding center, and thought critically about the importance of conservation.

Recent graduate Charlotte Logel ’23 shared that, “this trip was the best experience of my life and will surely remain that way for decades. Snorkeling with sea turtles, sea lions, sharks, and all kinds of fish was a dream come true. It was a privilege to explore the islands with friends, old and new, and this adventure was the perfect ending to my time at Moses Brown.”

Habitat for Humanity Service trip to Asheville, NC
August 6 – 12

We’re so proud of the amazing work undertaken by the 17 MB students and teachers who took part in this year’s Habitat for Humanity Service trip. Strong work ethic, meaningful connections and hands on learning and leading were the heart of this trip.