Twelve MB Students took part in Rhode Island’s All-State Music Festival

Over spring break, a large number of Moses Brown student musicians were part of the 83rd Annual All‐State Festival which featured Rhode Island students from grades 7‐12 who attend schools from across the state. As a culmination, on March 26 the festival presented several concerts at The Vets in downtown Providence.

Music instructor Steve Toro serves as All-State Instrumental Chair, and Moses Brown has for many years had a close association with RIMEA. Both auditions and rehearsals for many ensembles take place on our campus.

Congratulations to the following MB students who were part of the festival, including grade, instrument or voice, RIMEA state rank, and the ensembles they belong to:

Thomas A. (Junior), State Rank: 1, Voice, Chorus
Kazuya B. (Sophomore), Rank: 1, Trumpet, Concert Band/Jazz Ensemble
Angel G. (7th Grade), Trumpet, Rank: 7, Concert Band
Nithya G. (Freshman), Flute, Rank: 9, Orchestra
Ada M. (8th Grade), Violin, Rank: 13, Orchestra
Rowan M. (Freshman), Tenor Sax, Rank: 2, Concert Band
Leland R. (Senior), Alto Sax, Rank: 4, Concert Band
Christian S. (Freshman), Clarinet, Rank: 5, Concert Band
Kenneth S. (Sophomore), Voice, Rank: 4, Chorus
Mason W. (Junior), Trumpet, Rank 3, Concert Band
Rachel W.(Junior), Clarinet, Rank: 1, Orchestra
Eric W. (Senior), Tenor Sax, Rank: 2, Concert Band