An uncommonly good way to start the year: MB Unconference

“Energy, fun, togetherness, community.” That is how Gara Field, our director of global education, described the faculty and staff “unconference” day that kicked off the new school year on August 25. Faculty/staff meetings are an end-of-summer tradition at most independent schools, but Moses Brown has adopted the concept of an “unconference,” where impromptu sessions are conceived and led by the faculty and staff themselves, often right on the spot. Some of this year’s topics included: a portrait of an MB graduate, a discussion of Critical Race Theory, ways to utilize our innovation lab (Ylab) and even cake making!; the mood ranged from thought-provoking to fun and entertaining — often in the same session.

This decentralized approach to meetings is right in line with our Quaker approach, in which everyone has an equal voice. Gara added, “It’s also just a great way to start the year.”