Upper School Academic Awards 2019-2020

Congratulations to the following students for the academic honors they have received for the 2019-20 school year. Some of the awards were delivered in-person to students’ homes, while the overall ceremony itself took place on Zoom during the final days of distance learning classes. Students are seniors unless noted.

Cum Laude
(Seniors inducted in the Fall of their senior year)
Nina Ahmad, Julia Binder, Tristan Connell, Abigail Gerrish, Cating Greene, William Zheng-Kang Hassett, Kailas Kahler, Emilie Lum, William Malloy, Caroline Worrell, Yufei Xioa

Seniors inducted in the Spring
Lauren Bonner, Caitlin Gooding, Ethan Kuzneski, Jillian Paquette, Ashley Qiu, Harrison Runci, Peter Veale, Karisma Verma, Courtney Yang, Stella Younkin

John Milton Payne II Prizes for Excellence in English
Karisma Verma, Cating Greene, Yufei Xiao, Ben Buroker, Abigail Sherwood, Tristan Connell

The Humanities Prize for History:
Courtney Yang
Palmer Prize for American History:
Lauren M. ’21
Palmer Prize for American History:
Kevin M. ’21
Claiborne Pell Medal:
Vibha K. ’21
Humanities Prize for Religion:
Emilie Lum
Micheal J. Woods ’75 History Grant:
Kristen Gately

World Languages
Excellence in Latin:
Tristan Connell and Caitlin Gooding
Promise in the Study of Chinese:
Ashley Qiu and Melissa Ea
Excellence in Spanish:
Courtney Yang
Theodore S. Whitford French Prize:
Jesse Romero

Abigail L. ’23
Nathan X. ’22
Hayley C. ’21

Rensselaer Prize
Samuel L. ’21
Ariel Shirzadi

The Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award
Candice B. ’21

The Thomas J. Battey Prize for Excellence in Biology
Jillian Paquette

The Thomas J. Battey Prize for Excellence in Biology
Abby Gerrish

The Science Faculty Prize (Jamie German/Clarence Berger)
William Hassett

Prize for Excellence in Science (Cianci Prize)
Julia Binder

Visual Arts
Sophia L. Pitman Prize: Laney Goodrich

12th grade art prize:
Yufei Xiao

11th grade art prize:
Madeline K. ’21

10th grade art prize:
Aidan S. ’22

9th grade art prize:
Hamna N. ’23

The Ben Tre Endowed Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts
Evelyn M. ’21

Performing Arts
Orchestra & Theatre:
Leah Coleman
Wind Ensemble:
Natalie Sepe
Abigail Sherwood
Aakriti Raj
Theater Design/Tech:
Jillian Paquette
Jesse Romero

Nathaniel C. Earle, Class of 1970 Student Senate Award
Karina R. ’22

Class of 1948 Award for Independent Study and Inquiry
Qunicy K. ’21, Savanna R. ’21, Julia R. ’21, Shiany S. ’21

Rufus S.D. Bilodeau ’89
Kate Turner (faculty member)

James T. English Teaching Prize
Tara Tsakraklides (faculty member)

Faculty Awards
Eve Harrington
Abigail Gerrish
Kelly Graziano
Karl Lauture
Jesse Romero
Renina Wynn

The Thomas Prize
Trey Sullivan

The Charles, Elliot and Lyman Brown Prize for Good Citizenship
Harry Runci

Head of School Award for Scholarship, School Spirit and Influence
Emilie Lum
William Malloy

Parents’ Association Award
Mel Ea

Moses Brown Alumni Award
Santiago Najarro Cano

The Marc Dwares Award for Community Service
Nina Ahmad

Owen Jr. Memorial Award
Quincy K. ’21

Owen Sr. Memorial Award
Ella D. ’21

The Peter D. Smith Memorial Award
Lauren M. ’21
Seth F. ’21

The Anthony L. Leonard Memorial Award
Savanna R. ’21

Athletic Awards
Fletcher Award:
Benjamin Buroker

Alumnae Award:
Asia Porter

Ethan Ruby ’93 Award:
Adam DiBiase