Upper School Distance Learning

Moses Brown’s upper school promises to continue to support a learning community that honors our mission in our changing world. Even in this time of distance learning, relationships and care come first; these are not only central values of a Moses Brown education, but also necessary in order for students to learn.

We are striving to balance structure and flexibility, consistency and creativity, in ways that let your teenagers continue to grow and learn. We seek to balance these pieces and ask for feedback from students and parents so that we can adjust as needed. We ask that you partner with us as part of this process.

After April 13, Moses Brown’s upper school is moving to a divisional schedule that is different from the daily schedules to which your students are accustomed. We have prioritized creating schedules that are sustainable for students, families and teachers for the duration of our school closure, while helping students to remain engaged in learning and in our MB community. These schedules are shared in the division-specific sections in the Distance Learning handbook sent to parents. All schedules are on a Monday–Friday 5-day format to allow easier integration with other family schedules, and for families with children in multiple divisions.

Upper school students should be able to manage the expectations of their work with minimal parent engagement and support.

The upper school schedule for distance learning is designed to create more predictability for students along with flexibility of instruction.

Specifically, the upper school will move from a seven-day schedule into a five-day schedule with a predictable schedule connected with each day of the week. Each day will begin at 9:00 with advisory check-in, and the school day will end no later than 3:00pm. The advisory check-in may be via text or email, or in the form of a synchronous Google Hangout Meet. Advisors will connect with advisees to let them know how to check in. Advisors will be taking attendance in MyMB for the remainder of our distance learning period.

Each class will have three designated meeting times in a week, 45 minutes each, and students should have 2 to 4 synchronous class experiences in a day.

Please refer to the schedule printed in the Distance Learning Handbook for the complete schedule.


The upper school will use Google Hangouts Meet for synchronous classes and any small group or 1:1 meetings. 1:1 meetings will be recorded by the teacher who is hosting the meeting. Google Hangouts Meet allows students to call in (on the phone) if they are not able to join the video-conference portion of the class. Some students will not be able to join a class due to family obligations, device sharing or other reasons, and teachers understand this. It is the responsibility of the student to communicate with the teacher about the needs for missing a synchronous class.

Reminder: as MB utilizes technology for distance learning, parents are reminded that many of these products have the ability to capture video and sound within range of the camera and microphone within your home or anyplace your child uses this technology. Please be mindful of your child’s use of these technologies and protect your family’s privacy while classes are in session. Please see the Distance Learning Handbook for additional guidance on Video Conferencing.

For technology support, students should reach out to their teachers first, and then email the Technology Office.

Student Responsibilities 
• Students will check their MB email daily, before 9a.m.
• The MB guidelines for academic honesty are still in place. All school rules, as outlined in the Moses Brown School Handbook, are in effect and students will be held accountable.
• Students will be on time for synchronous learning experiences, or will communicate ahead of time with their teacher about their reason for being absent.
• Students will use their self-advocacy skills to use resources available.
• Students will alert advisors and teachers of any technology issues in terms of device availability and internet connectivity.

Faculty and staff across the school are working to sustain many co-curricular opportunities for students. However, spring term co-curricular activities have been put on hold during distance learning. Students who need to fulfill their Fitness requirement are strongly encouraged to keep up with their athletic team and coach (or after-school PE).

Wellness & Athletics 
• Students should use resources of the Wellness Department—reaching out to Jess Stewart or Barret Clarke during the school day
• Joyce Freeman is holding regular “office hours” in the training room where students can make appointments to check in
• Northeast Strength Trainers (NEST)—the trainers from the Fitness Center after school—will be sharing daily links and workouts for our afternoon PE students and athletes; these will be shared through the Athletics Department and the MB website
• Student-athletes are strongly encouraged to maintain their connection to their team and coach

College Counseling 
During distance learning, College Counseling in the Upper School will continue to support students as they navigate the college process and answer any questions related to standardized testing.
• Email is the best way of being in touch with College Counseling. 11th and 12th grade families with questions should email their assigned college counselor. 9th and 10th graders and families with questions should email Jill Bansal, Office Coordinator.
• Phone calls and virtual meetings for 11th and 12th graders and parents/guardians are available by appointment during school hours; email your college counselor regarding dates and times.
• Course selection advice from the College Counseling Office is available in the Junior Course Signup Information Google Folder that has been shared with juniors and advisors.
• In addition to checking email for any information or updates about college admissions and standardized testing that the College Counseling Office may send, families should regularly check the SAT/College Board website and ACT website, as well as individual college admission websites, for detailed information.

MB’s school nurse is available for questions and concerns in her “virtual office.” Contact Barret Clarke from 8:00am–3:00pm via email or phone. Upper school counselor Jessica Stewart is also available during regular school hours to “meet” with students and/or parents in need of a check-in for emotional support and/or support with managing time and study habits. Reach out to her by email to set up a time and method for connecting.

Have a question about your child’s distance learning? 
Debbie Phipps, Assistant Head for Academic Affairs Lower School
Elise London, Division Head Upper School (email)
Jessica Stewart, Psychologist (email)
Barret Clarke, Nurse (email)
Mary Pat Radeka, Other Questions (email)

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