Welcome, new MBers!

Welcome to the new members of our faculty and staff community, the 2022-23 school year has a lot of new friendly faces working throughout our school.

Matt McKinnon*
Maintenance and Grounds

Meghan Hansen
Dir of Alumni Programs

Edward Henry
Upper School Humanities

Meaghan Fernandes
Asst Dir of Communications

Steven Emond
Network Administrator

John Ribeiro
Maintenance and Grounds

Sonya Ohlsson
Co-Director of College Counseling

Elizabeth Breidinger
Dir of Advancement

Claudia Perlini*
Upper School English

Emma Bracker
Upper School Humanities

William Abisalih
Upper School Science

Angela Flynn
US Math

Stefanie Smith

Erin Broderick
Lower School Librarian

Jessica Weber
Middle School Language

Rozet Cruz
2nd Grade

Julia Strickler
Interim 1st Grade

Lena Schmid
Upper School Art

Pritika Joseph
1st Grade

Ross Fidler
Upper School Math

Joe Welsh
5th Grade Math

Alyssa Mason
Middle/Upper Learning Specialist

Ashleigh Brown
8th Grade Science

David Falk
8th Grade Algebra

Karl Krusell
Upper School Latin

Ella Donesky*
Lower School Divisional Teacher

Lesedi Malete*
Extended Day

Melanie Morrissey*
Lower School Divisional Teacher

Rebecca O’Hara*
Interim Admission Office Manager

*not in picture