Welcoming new MB faces

Welcome to some new faces at MB! If you’re on campus and see any of these nice folks, we hope you’ll say hello.

They are (top row left to right): Eric Drotch, Woodshop Teacher; Tricia Uber, Interim Co-Director of College Counseling; Matt Getz, US Physics Teacher; Jeff Weber, Interim US Biology Teacher; Johnny Vieira, Interim MS PE Teacher

Middle row: Ashley Szczesiak, US Visual Arts Teacher; Marilyn Flores, Co-Director of College Counseling; Suzanne Callis, US English Teacher; Sophie Frank, Interim US English Teacher; Kevin Dlugos, US Humanities Teacher

Bottom row: Catie Marchessault, US Math Teacher; Ruth Machie, US Spanish Teacher; Lea D’Arminio, US Math Teacher; Claudia Sousa, Interim 8th Grade English Teacher

(Not in photo: Meredith Carlone, Director of Leadership Giving)

We’re grateful to have you all in our community!