What Are You Thankful For, MB?

November 23, 2021

What are we thankful for? That was the question considered this week as Moses Brown School prepares to leave for Thanksgiving break.

Many here expressed appreciation for our community, reflecting gratitude for the students at MB and the colleagues we work with every day, a sentiment reflected by both new and veteran employees.

New employees expressed appreciation for the friendly faces and supportive colleagues who make Moses Brown a place they look forward to coming to every day.

DEI Director Luke Anderson, in his first year, comments, “There are so many caring people in this community who bend over backwards to help each other out. The can-do, collaborative spirit is palpable here.”

While COVID has brought challenges to every community, the spirit of collaboration and care found at Moses Brown has made a difference. Latin teacher Jeanna Cook says that MB parents were incredibly welcoming for her as a new teacher/coach this fall. “I’m grateful for that outreach as I was learning the culture at Moses Brown.”

John Doll has a long connection to MB, as a member of the Class of ’94 and now a faculty member in the upper school. The students of MB are top on the list for him. “I’m thankful for the great kids I get to teach and coach every day,” John says. “I’m thankful for their joy, their hard work, and their care for one another.”

Longtime faculty across divisions echoed these feelings of appreciation, calling MB a supportive, welcoming, invigorating community in which to teach and reflecting gratitude for the chance to work with the students here, even after many years at the school.

For many, the community spirit found at MB shines through … whether it’s between classroom neighbors, teaching partners or department colleagues … or found across a counter in the Woodman Cafe. Chad Putka, lower school music teacher, says seeing Jane there daily brightens his day. “She’s so friendly, she remembers my name, and she gives me coffee!”

Moses Brown community: thank you for your children, thank you for your care, thank you for your creative and supportive spirits as colleagues and employees – we wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.