For Young Students a Chance to Explore Theater Performance and Share Music

On March 9, Lower School presented a daytime Theater Performance and Chorus Concert. It was a fun showcase of how performing arts opportunities have grown for Lower School students in recent years, and to share it with other students and parents.

The presentation began with a theater performance by 1st and 2nd graders. Music instructor Chad Pudka acted as MC for the gathering, and described it as a “first dip into performing arts and theater and the students have had such a good time.” The young students not only got to experience creating the performance (and also playing games), but also learn how to be in a theater show and to learn about performing arts in general.

Lower School Divisional teacher Melanie Morrissey served as the director and school counselor Krista Haskell was the assistant director. They described the experience as a way to “celebrate the process of creation and the beginning of understanding what is involved in being a performing artist.”

Part two of the show was by the Lower School Chorus, including 3rd and 4th graders. It represents the culmination of their work up to just before spring break.

Chad noted, “this is the first full chorus season we’ve had since then without such significant restrictions, and it felt right to prepare a program of music that reflected the power of music and the hope it brings in hard times. We hope you enjoy our songs of hope and resilience!”